Who is W-Asobi?

Who is W-Asobi?

We help the adventurers to explore Japanese Nature.
We are a guiding group and travel agency that operates mainly in Nagano Prefecture JAPAN, which is located in the middle of Honshu and surrounded by the Japanese Alps. Our office is in Azumino at the foot of the Alps, near Matsumoto, Takayama, Omachi, Hakuba and others. We are mainly engaged in the following businesses;

・Hiking guides, cycling guides, and city guides (available languages: Japanese and English).

Our staff and guides have sufficient English communication skills. Some have experience living abroad or are certified guide-interpreter. We are always striving to acquire skills with a global mindset.

・Planning and building tours with unique local experiences

We offer tours that allow visitors to enjoy wonderful places and interesting experiences that are unique to the local area.

・Training local English-speaking guides (Hiking, city walking, etc.)

In cooperation with local governments and DMOs, we provide consultation on the application of the local guide-interpreter system and create curricula.

・Supporting the promotion of inbound tourism in the region

We promote sustainable tourism and adventure tourism that is not unreasonable for the region.

W stands for 'double' and "Asobi" for 'playing'

Our name has two meanings, "W" stands for 'double' and "Asobi" means 'playing' or 'having fun.' So, 'double fun.' Hiking and Biking.

The Azumino area is also famous for its wasabi (Japanese horseradish).

Our name, W-Asobi, reflects this delicious produce.

I believe that Japanese mountains are one of those places that you must visit at least once. Since Japan consists of small mountainous islands, you can experience many different landscapes almost at once - cities, small villages, flat lands with beautiful rice fields (rice is the foundation of Japanese culture), lush forests, green mountains and rocky mountains.

Nagano is the most mountainous prefecture in Japan and best place to see nature and go hiking and biking.

Come visit Japan and have special experience in Nagano with us.

Staff / Guides

President: KASHU Yasuyuki
  • Nagano Prefectureʼs Certified Mountain-Guide
  • Nagano Prefectureʼs Certified Mountain-Guide-Interpreter (English)
  • WMAI Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Professional Level

I have worked in Canada, joined the MTB race in Africa, and traveled to Central America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Everywhere, I've tried to see as much nature as possible. Nature is so different in every country and I find that immensely moving.

I love nature. I love cycling, hiking and climbing.

That's why I now live in Nagano, helping world travelers enjoy the nature and culture of Japan.

UEDA Ayako
  • Nagano Prefectureʼs Certified Mountain-Guide
  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter(English)
  • Azumino Cityʼs Certified Guide-Interpreter (English, City & Mountain Area)
  • WMAI Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Basic Level

I cycled across Japan when I was a student, and after I started working, I became passionate about mountain hiking. After achieving the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, I have climbed many mountains including the Northern Alps. With a desire to share the wonderful nature of Japan with people overseas, I am working as a hiking guide in Azumino City area. I am also available for both short- and long-term tour guiding for inbound visitors. My overseas experience includes a Master's degree in Food Science in Canada and living in Colorado and California, USA.
  • Nagano Prefectureʼs Certified Mountain-Guide
  • Azumino Cityʼs Certified Guide-Interpreter (English, City & Mountain Area)
  • WMAI Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)  Advanced Level
I am a local guide born and raised in Azumino. After living in Tokyo for about 20 years, I made a U-turn and realized once again how wonderful my hometown is. I am working every day to share the beauty of nature, the goodness of people, and the joy of mountains in Azumino with as many people as possible. From beginners, women, and seniors to overseas guests, we aim to be there for those who need the support of a guide, to keep pace with them, and to create fun memories together.​
  • Azumino Cityʼs Certified Guide-Interpreter (English, City Area)
  • WMAI Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)  Advanced Level
  • Shinrin-yoku(Forest bathing) Facilitator
I was born and raised in Azumino.
I came back to my hometown after traveled and lived in different places. I love my hometown and my appreciation toward the beautiful nature of Azumino is greater now than when I was young. I feel very lucky to be a guide in such a special place, and I will be very happy to take you to an original journey to go deep into the life in Azumino, as if you are locals.​
  • Azumino Cityʼs Certified Guide-Interpreter (English, City Area)
  • WMAI Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
I am a local guide, born and raised in Azumino.
A-year stay in London made me interested in traditional Japanese culture, especially cuisine, so I worked in Ryotei(traditional Japanese restaurant) in Kyoto.
I came back home after spending several years in Hokkaido and Kanazawa.
Now I enjoy my life in this farming village in Azumino, making miso and soy sauce from scratch.
I would like to share a part of daily life passed down here over the years, with the beautiful nature of Azumino.​

What is Azumino like?

Azumino is located north of the Matsumoto Basin, which stretches across the central part of Nagano Prefecture, and the mountains of the Northern Alps rise to its west. The view of the mountains from the city shows the beauty of each season.

This area is truly a great area for hiking and cycling.

Sustainability in Rural Areas

Each region has its own unique nature and culture.

This allows us to enjoy the "Asobi" = 'fun' that is unique to each region.


However, it is the local people who maintain and preserve their nature and culture.

Therefore, when you go somewhere, do not just do what you want to. Please leave something for locals.


By doing so, you will be able to enjoy "Asobi" in that field for a long time.


Your actions will not only be enjoyable for you, but will also benefit the local community. And it will return to you. The accumulation of small actions leads to a cycle of sustainability.


We live in this land, and we do small activities in this area.


Please help us, our local community, and nature.

If you are visiting Nagano Prefecture, Japan, please contact us at "W-Asobi" and we will be happy to help you.

MAP around Azumino

KASHU Yasuyuki
  • 信州登山案内人(長野県認定登山ガイド)
  • 信州山岳高原観光特例通訳案内士(英語)
  • WMA ウィルダネス・ファースト・