Our representative was a panelist at the 6th Adventure Travel Symposium.


The 6th Adventure Travel Symposium, sponsored by the Japan Adventure Tourism Organization (JATO), was held in Nagano, Japan, on May 19, 2022.

Keynote Speech 1 was given by Mr. Takahiro Okano, Director, Office for the Promotion of National Park Use, National Park Division, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

Keynote Speech 2 was given by Ms. Yuko Makino, Marketing Manager, Swiss National Tourist Office.

Case study was presented by Mr. Akito Noike, President and Executive Director, Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization.

A panel discussion followed on the theme of "Sustainable Tourism Promotion through Adventure Tourism Promotion. The panelists were

Mr. Shigeru Takada, Tsuruga Resort

Mr. Kenichi Serizawa, Alpine Tour Service Co.

Yasuyuki Kashu, W-Asobi G.K.

Mr. Kashu gave a presentation titled "AT Initiatives in National Parks: Sustainability from a Guide's Perspective" and participated in the discussion.

We will continue to promote adventure tourism and sustainable tourism in both the domestic and inbound markets in cooperation with the national government, Nagano Prefecture, and Azumino City.

Top photo is of the Zenkoji temple which locates in Nagano city. We guided a traveller from America. Good place to experience Japanese Buddhist chanting.