Azumino City Certified Guide Interpreter Training Course 2022 is about to start!



We support the operation of 'Azumino City Certified Guide Interpreter Training Course 2022.' This is about to start. The program is based in Azumino City and trains adventure travel (AT) guides with world-class guiding skills and English communication skills.

There are two types of guides: City Guide and Hiking Guide. City guide course is a curriculum to develop base common skills as an AT guide. Hiking guide course is a curriculum that develops specialized Hiking skills in addition to the common skills of the City guide. To meet global standards, we follow the Adventure Travel Guide Standards (ATGS) published by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), the world's leading adventure travel promotion organization.

City coursevis 10 days long, and Hiking course is an additional 14 days long, for a total of 24 days. The program is characterized by its many hands-on practical training sessions that take place not only on the desk, but also in the field.

Hiking course is a hands-on program that takes participants up the ridge route of the Northern Alps, known as the Panorama Ginza, where they actually stay in mountain huts and speak English only from morning to night.

For more information, please see the web page of Azumino City.(Sorry, Japanese only.)