Unexplored hot spring; Nakabusa Onsen. Enjoy geothermal cuisine and free-flowing hot spring water. Away from everyday life. 2days

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Let's play around in Nakabusa Onsen, a hidden hot spring deep in the mountains that has existed since 200 years ago!

Nakabusa Onsen is a hot spring wonderland. Why?  The site area is more than 200,000 square meter. There are approximately 30 hot spring sources and 15 outdoor and indoor baths.
As we go into the moutain valley from Hotaka Station, it appears in the wilderness at the foot of the Northern Alps.

You probably won't enjoy half of what Nakabusa Onsen really has if you just stay the night. It is no ordinary hot spring!
In this tour, a local guide who loves Nakabusa Onsen will show you how to enjoy Nakabusa Onsen 120%.
The more you know, the more you enjoy the interest of Nakabusa Onsen. And I am sure that your views on hot springs in Japan will change!

*Tours are offered in small groups (maximum 8 people) and guides will help you enjoy the hot springs.
*The tour includes a hands-on experience program. We will ask the guest to prepare, cook, clean-up togeter with the staffs.

* This tour can be conducted as an order-based package tour for groups. The price varies depending on the number of participants or customized itinerary. Please contact us as soon as possible since reservations for accommodations may not be available depending on the dates.



The forest road leading from Hotaka Station to Nakabusa Onsen offers seasonal beauty!
The open-air bath "Tsukimi-no-yu" in the garden is a shallow tub, perfect for viewing the moon in the tub at the night, as the name suggests!
You can see the nearly 100 degree spring water being cooled down to the proper temperature without adding water!
The "Jigoku Gama" steams food with the steam that comes out of the ground. The menu varies depending on the season. Enjoy!
At Yakeyama, the highest point on the site's boardwalk, geothermal heat is used to cook foods buried in the ground. The menu varies depending on the season. Enjoy!

Tour Summary

(starting point)
Ariakeyama Shrine
Period of operationsApr 26, 2024–Jun 26, 2024
Duration of tour2 days
DetailsThree ways to enjoy Nakabusa Onsen

1) Hot Springs: Enjoy the Hot Water
Nakabusa Onsen Wonderland has
approximately 30 sources of hot spring water, and
15 outdoor and indoor baths.
Each bathtub has its own unique features, smells, spring quality, and truly has its own differences and good qualities.
Our local guide will introduce the features and recommendations of each one.
We hope you will conquer all the bathtubs! Let's try it!
Some bath tubs are mixed bath. But some of them have special hours only for women, so please ask your guide.
All bathtubs are 100% free-flowing hot-spring water, which is nearly 100 degrees Celsius and cooled to the proper temperature without adding water or heating, so please note that the water may be hot or lukewarm depending on the weather and wind conditions.

2) Geothermal Cuisine: Enjoy the Taste
In the Nakabusa Onsen Wonderland, there are placec where you can enjoy geothermal cuisine.
Local guides will prepare delicious, seasonal, and locally grown foods for lunch on days 1 and 2. Let's cook and enjoy geothermal dishes together.
*For dinner, we will prepare a geothermal menu specially prepared by ryokan's chef.

3)Cultural Properties: Enjoying History and Culture
Nakabusa Onsen boasts a long history, and in addition to its hot springs, several cultural assets have been preserved with great care.
There are also numerous legends.
Let's tour the site with a local guide and listen to the interesting stories.
10:00 Meet at the Ariakeyama Shrine parking in Azumino City (Please consult with us if you are unable to meet at the meeting place or time)
10:30 Board the shuttle
  Stop along the way and take a walk
  Arrive at Nakabusa Onsen
  Geothermal cooking lunch experience(1).
  Mini-tour of the history and legends of Nakabusa Onsen
  Free time (please choose the bath from 15 type)
18:30 Dinner (Japanese cuisine with hot spring dish by the chef)
  Free time (please choose the bath from 15 type)
  You can bathe in the hot spring baths 24 hours a day.
  Go to bed on your own
  Free time (please choose the bath from 15 type)
7:30 Breakfast (Japanese style)
  Free time (please choose the bath from 15 type)
  Walk to Yakeyama
  Geothermal cooking lunch experience (2)
  Free time
  Pick up and drop off
14:30 Ariakeyama Shrine parking Dismissal
(tax incl.)
Number of people: 5 to 8

Adults, around 50000 / person
Under 12 years old (with bedding and children's meals): -5,000 from the adult price.
Free of charge for children under 7 years old (no bedding, no food)

Price includes
Round-trip transportation from the meeting point to nearby Nakabusa Onsen, accommodation, dinner, breakfast, bathing, bathing tax, hand towel and toothbrush, lunch on Day 1, lunch on Day 2, English-speaking guide service

Not included in the price:.
Additional meals, beverages, rental of bathing clothes, bath towels
NotesRefer to the Information page for details.Information

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