Guide service (English and Japanese). Mountain hiking, Cycling, City walking. Explanation of application and inquiry.

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W-Asobi offers guiding services for mountain hiking, cycling, city walking, and other activities according to your needs. Both English and Japanese speaking guides are available.

Our specialty area is within Nagano Prefecture, especially around Matsumoto, Azumino, and the Northern Alps. (We can take you anywhere in Japan upon request, but for sustainability reasons, we recommend that you use a guide who is local to the area as much as possible.)

During high season such as Japanese Golden Week(end of April - beginning of May), summer mountain hiking season(end of July - end of the August), autumn foliage season(end of September -  beginning or October), etc., it becomes difficult to keep a guide available, and we may have to decline your request.

Many lodges limit the number of guests due to the COVID-19 measures. Even if our guides are available, we may not be able to reserve lodges.

If you have a rough idea of your itinerary and destination, please inquire about the itinerary as soon as possible!

Please inquire about the schedule using the application form on this page. After confirming some level of participation and agreement on the details of your request at a subsequent meeting, we will make a formal application.

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If you want us to arrange the accommodations or transportations with hiking guides, we are possible! Then please have a look about the procedures

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Cycling guide service (example of Azumino Hotaka area)
Hiking guide service (example of Mt. Yarigatake)

Tour Summary

(starting point)
Nagano prefecture
Period of operationsyear round
Duration of tour
DetailsPlease feel free to consult with us regarding itineraries, transportation, places to stay, equipment, etc.
We can also arrange accommodations and transportation in Azumino City and adjoining municipalities.
(tax incl.)
Japanese City Guide, 1 day: 30800
English City Guide, 1 day: 41800
Japanese Mountain Guide, 1 day: 35000
English Mountain Guide, 1 day: 55000
Guide's actual expences: in addition to above guide basic fee, please pay the cost of transportation and lodging for the guide.
* All prices includes consumption tax.
* Half-day rates and additional rates for winter and tents are also available. Please see the price list.
NotesRefer to the Information page for details.Information

Application Form

To apply for this tour, read the Information page carefully and use the application form below. If you have any questions about this tour, send your inquiries from another inquiry mail form.

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