Walking to Nakabusa Onsen, which is closed to snow. Almost private, secluded hot spring and geothermal cuisine. 2days

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A2 *
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In winter, Nakabusa Onsen is truly a hidden hot spring among other ones, can be reached on foot along snow-covered paths.

On this tour, a mountain guide will ensure your safety and at the same time show you how to enjoy Nakabusa Onsen in a unique way. We will provide you with a special experience. Please apply using the "Application Form" at the bottom of this page.

*This tour can also be conducted as a private tour (order-made tour) for groups. In this case, the price will vary depending on the itinerary and number of participants. In the case of last-minute applications, accommodation reservations may not be available, so please contact us as soon as possible.

Nakabusa Onsen in winter. It is a special place where only experienced hiker can go.

Why don't you come and taste its special hidden hot spring?

This tour is perfect for the following people

Love hidden hot springs!
Want to enjoy something more than just bathing in hot springs
Have mountaineering or hiking experience and can walk through the forest for about 6 hours
But, don't have much experience in winter mountaineering, and I'm a little worried about hiking by myself...

In this tour, a mountain guide will walk the trail to Nakabusa Onsen with you.

The guide will ensure your safety and make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time while walking.

After arriving at Nakabusa Onsen, you will enjoy the hot spring in a snowy landscape. (Note: During the winter season, some of the hot springs are closed due to snow.)

And then!
We will also experience geothermal cooking using the geothermal energy of Nakabusa Onsen.

Of course, the guide will carry the food on his/her back, so there is no need to worry about heavy luggage.

Application Steps

(1) Please apply using the "Application Form" at the bottom of this page.

(2) Our staff will contact you usually within 48 hours to confirm the details of your application and to ask the payment. Please pay the fee. Bank transfer and credit card payment are accepted.

(3) We will send you detailed information about the tour (what to bring, meeting place, etc.) and a request to fill out a health check sheet.

(4) Please wait until the day of the tour, prepare your gears and physical condition!


We will walk on the forest road leading to Nakabusa Onsen Hot Spa with trekking poles.
Right in front of you, you can see the nearly 100-degree spring water gushing in the property of Nakabusa onsen. Since it's so cold outside, it's tempting to touch it, but you'd better not...
The "Jigoku Kama" steams food with the steam that comes out of the kiln. The menu varies depending on the season. Enjoy!
The semi-open-air rock bath is perfect for savoring the winter air. Bring your own drinks (no alcohol!) and relax.

Tour Summary

(starting point)
Ariakeyama Tozanshasenyo Parking Lot
Period of operationsDec 15, 2023–Mar 30, 2024
Duration of tour2 days
Details*Tours are conducted in small groups (maximum 8 people) and guides will help you enjoy the hot springs.

*Tours include a hands-on program. Customers are required to experience the tour together, including preparation and cleanup.

Three ways to enjoy Nakabusa Onsen

(1) Hot Springs: Enjoy the Hot Water
Within the Nakabusa Onsen Wonderland, there are
approximately 30 sources of spring water, and
15 outdoor and indoor baths.
Note: In winter, some of the baths are closed due to snow.
Each bathtub has its own unique view, smell, spring water quality, and truly has its own differences and advantages.
A local guide will introduce the features and recommendations of each.
We hope you will conquer all the bathtubs! Try it!
For women, special hours are available, so please ask your guide. (This may differ in winter.) *All bathtubs are free-flowing hot-spring water.
All bathtubs are 100% free-flowing hot-spring water, which is cooled to the proper temperature without adding water or heating, so please understand that the water may be hot or lukewarm depending on the weather and wind conditions.

(2) Geothermal Cuisine: Enjoy the Taste
Inside the Nakabusa Onsen Wonderland
There is a place where you can enjoy geothermal cooking.
For lunch on the first day, which is a bit late, local guides will prepare delicious food. Let's cook and enjoy geothermal cuisine together.

(3) Cultural Assets: Enjoying History and Culture
Nakabusa Onsen boasts a long history, and in addition to the hot springs, natural monuments related to the hot springs and several cultural assets have been carefully preserved.
There are also numerous legends that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Let's tour the site with a local guide and listen to the interesting stories about them.
8:00 Meet at Ariakeyama Shrine Climber's Parking, Azumino City
  (Please contact us if the meeting place and time are not convenient for you.)
  Start walking
  Lunch break (prepared by guide)
15:00 Arrive at Nakabusa Onsen
  Geothermal cooking experience
  Mini-tour of the history and legends of Nakabusa Onsen
  Free time (enjoy the hidden hot springs)
18:00 Dinner: Enjoy geothermal cooking prepared by the group
  Free time (enjoy the hidden hot springs)
  You can bathe in the hot springs 24 hours a day.
  Sleep on your own
  Free time (enjoy unexplored hot springs)
7:00 Breakfast
  Free time (enjoy hidden hot springs)
10:00 Start walking
  Lunch break (prepared by guide)
15:00 Arrive at Mt. Ariake Shrine climber's Parking Dismissal
(tax incl.)
Number of people: 4 to 8

Adults around 42,000 /person
Elementary school students and younger: not allowed

Included in the price
Accommodation at Nakabusa Onsen (Japanese-style lodge room, shared bathroom, dinner, breakfast, hotspa, bath tax, hand towel and toothbrush), geothermal cooking experience, English speaking hiking & hotspa & historical guide service, meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner)

Not included in the price:.
Additional meals and beverages, yukata, Japanese spa-bathing suit rental, bath towels, and other items not listed above
NotesRefer to the Information page for details.Information

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